My Hope and Prayer for This New Year

I share again. May it be so.

The Wooded Path

My hope and prayer for this new year is that God will enable me to be a light-bearer, and give me the courage, integrity and humility to authentically share the story of my spiritual journey through dark valleys and mountain clearings; paying forward in gratitude what those who have loved me have given to me, bearing witness that the end of faith really is its beginning, that in all places and at all times, the love and mercy of God can be found and must be counted on, even, and most especially in spaces within in our lives that we might call Hell; that I might never shy away from telling the truth of this great good news, or seek the comfort of sitting in safety with such knowledge that is too important to remain unshared. I say again, I know God can be depended on, even in the many…

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Papa’s Christmas Apples

Merry Christmas!

The Wooded Path

(My most-cherished Christmas memory)

I can see my father’s face clearly now, beaming with anticipation and glee as I snatched the stocking from the mantle.  For he knew that nestled in the toe lay the fattest, juiciest, reddest, shiniest Christmas apples to be found.
You see, it wasn’t my obvious delight upon beholding a new bike or GI Joe doll that thrilled Papa most.  Rather, it was the pulling out of the prized apples that gave the greatest satisfaction.
Though I never saw the search, I know it was with loving care he must have chosen the fruit, polished the skin, and placed them in their familiar spot for tiny hands to grasp on Christmas morn’.  Memories such as these fill my life with rich aromas of Christmases past.
Then came Christmas…anew.  The apples had been discovered.  The Johnny West doll set upon his horse.  The ambrosia served.  The blessing…

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