Social Distancing

Social Distancing

He’d lost so much.
More each day, it seemed.
But he still knew the things
he’d been taught as a boy.
Knew how to welcome strangers
and show affection
to kindred and friends.
“Always look ‘em in the eyes
and shake hands with a firm grip.”
He could make you feel like
his dearest childhood friend
even if he’d never seen you.
He always reminds me of my dad.
This had been the way
we connected at each visit.
Some days, there was a distance.
No recognition. Only isolation.
The handshake always saved us.
Then came trust, and a smile.
The handshake had been
the best medicine.
But today. Today.
No handshakes.
He couldn’t understand.
Why? He kept it extended.
Longingly, he looked for us.
Then sat down, sterile
and alone.

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