What Can I Do?

I woke today and rose to meet
a world of disconnection.
So many stare but cannot see
themselves in their reflection:
A child, now old, that was not held,
still longs for validation.
A youth whose life unfolds without
adults’ participation.
A victim of some middle-aged
retreat into addictions.
An elder left alone to deal
with frailty’s ill afflictions.
What can I do, how can I show
the light of love to others?
How can the story of my life
inspire my sisters, brothers?
In truth and authenticity
I’ll tell them of my struggles,
of grace found in surrendering,
of trust made strong through troubles.
I’ll look inside myself to find
the child not shown affection,
the elder struggling all alone,
the youth with no direction;
the man or woman too ashamed
to leave the road to nowhere,
with sight too dimmed to recognize
the ladder up to somewhere.
And most importantly I’ll spend
time looking in the mirror,
to find the one God sees in me,
to make that image clearer
so many disconnected souls
can raise their hands together,
and lift the candles lit by Love,
drawn in the spirit’s tether.


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