Poetry of Hope for Dark Times

This morning, in the wake of recent suicides and the much-needed conversations around the topic, I will post some poetry that I pray will be a source of hope for any who are struggling.

Selection #1

Morning Star

This night – 
a gift for galaxies of star-set eyes,
for lip-locked lovers,
dizzy dreamers turning ‘round the world,
story-lined faces in a campfires’ glow –
This night holds so much pain
for those whose center didn’t hold,
who fell clean through the bedrock of their souls
while no one saw, while no one knew;
while no one felt their throaty waves of screaming;
and their hiding holes filled up with shame
and there was no air, no light;
and the only constellation they could see
shot an arrow through their heart to the grave.
Pray for them. Pray for them all to hold on.
Yet again, the morning star will shine.

Selection #2

Right Now (The Moment of Surrender)

Right now there’s a closet corner nearby
with somebody in it
crumpled like a soiled shirt in a pile of shame.
Blame is a cop out, a cheap cab ride to the park.
An abdication.
“She did it to herself,” some smugly say,
flagging down a ride as she flat lines.
Others look away as her soul floats out like a bottle
bobbing in the water of her eyes
and leave too soon to see the turning –
finally, the turning toward a Face and not away.
The Dove is descending. Does anyone notice?
Does anybody even know her name?

Selection #3

I Believe in Hope

Today I believe in a hope 
that gives breath to the lifeless
holds the untouchable child
brings consolation to the terrified
and connects the disparate;
paints where there are no colors
sings where there is no windpipe
prays over death-cursed soil
turns the stone-cold heart to Heaven.
I believe in a hope
that grows green in frozen ground
calls crippled legs to dancing
makes a moment last forever
sees itself in all others.
I believe in a hope
that finds mercy at the heart of justice
and would rather weep forever in a song
than silence any other singing soul.
I believe in a hope
that knows it’s never too late for turning
says yes to Self and Truth in any form
lays every treasure down for love
and sees in each moment
an eternal habitation
where we all are one in God.

Selection #4

silent cries

silent cries of the soulsick
arc across the starset night
with eyes submerged so deeply
they cannot catch hope’s comet
streaking through the third Heaven
with its tail nearly touching
flesh of their broken bodies

Selection #5

“What the World Needs Now”

“I don’t need you to try and fix me,” he muttered,
“or tell me everything’s all right, because it’s not.
What I need is for you to be here.
I need you, not your medicine or advice.
Presence, not pat answers. Do you see?
Bearing with me. Listening. Hearing.
Trying to know how it feels here.
I need you to look at me, even if
I have to look away.
To be my mirror, reflecting everything but shame.
It’s dark here. But there must be light for reflecting, right?
I need you to bring light to this darkness.
You don’t have to be a hero, a winner, all put-together.
I need to hear you say my name. The name I’m named in my soul.
Whisper it to me. Will you do this? Do you know that name?
Whisper it again ’til you see me turning around. Looking up.
Please, you don’t need to bring me anything.
Empty hands are better to hold.
See? What I need for you to do
is bring God in here, into this empty, dimly lit room.
That’s right. God. The Light where God is.
And the mercy they say shows up in rooms like this.
Will you come and bring those things to me?
I hope only for this.”

Selection #6


In a silent room where even broken spirit weeping burns its torrid day and lies vacant, dry, spent of any flow, coldly dying down a stiff wood grained gray as the heart of all good spills away its blood pools of fingers groping underneath the shutting door of night, in the rip-stained, stripped-through stillness of this time something starts to sing.

Selection #7


My child. My beloved one.
Do not fear. I am with you, always, now.
Come here to My unending Love.
Nothing can touch you. Nothing will harm you.
My arms enfold your whole being and your world.
Bear your wounds to My anointing hands.
I have healed them eternally in My Love.
I am ever with you, ever in you, ever through you.
My streaming Love light pushes darkness away.
All that you are I have Loved and made new.
Bathe your weak and hurting parts in My compassion.
It flows out forever toward the pain you feel.
I will not leave you here, in this place.
But I will take you out and lift you,
sing to you of peace, and joy, and Heaven.
Be still, be silent, let Me strongly hold you, comfort you.
Know that I do feel what you have felt. Trust this.
Your wound is transformed in the glory of My rising Life.
Let my Love be lifted up in you.



4 thoughts on “Poetry of Hope for Dark Times

  1. As always, your poetry and writing speak volumes to me especially “Incarnation” and “What the World Needs Now”. These are just beautiful in many ways. Well-Done, my Touchstone in Medicine!

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