Heading in the Right Direction

No matter where you start, you can head in the right direction.

The right direction for me today is to wake up grateful for another day of life, and the opportunities it holds to grow to be a better, more loving person. I will fail often, but I will try again.

I promise to condemn no one today; neither will I be condemned. Because today and every day, through nothing good I have done and despite all the bad I’ve done or good I’ve left undone, I am loved, forgiven, and bestowed a limitless supply of mercy and grace from my faithful Savior whom I know and love today more intimately and dearly than ever because of where He has led me, holding me up with His unseen hand. He’s been with me in the depths of shame and sorrow and the heights of joy and blessing.

I will be bold enough, courageous enough to say this to everyone. I bow my head in humility to this love that is so much stronger than anything I will ever have to face, and I’m not afraid of ever losing this love. Because that’s not possible.

And I honestly want to share it, first at home, then with the world’s family, through compassionate presence, language, action and leadership.

And it all starts with the knowledge that I am nothing without God’s love, mercy, grace and faithfulness. Nothing.

You are loved like this, as well. Everyone is. Let no one tell you otherwise.

This is my song today, and I have to sing it, because my heart is both full and empty at the same time.

Have a blessed Sunday.

2018-03-03 15.36.29

4 thoughts on “Heading in the Right Direction

  1. Quite wonderful! Isn’t it a gift from God that we can decide in the very next instant, no matter from where we came, to move in a different direction; the right direction! We just have to keep moving forward, in my case, slowly but forward nevertheless! Love these words.

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