Digging Deeply

If we allow ourselves to dig deeply enough into the present, we may find treasure there. Silence, stillness and space are required, as are trust, vulnerability and surrender to the ego’s need to remain in control.

The place where the treasure lies may be dark, but it is a luminous darkness, like the God-cloud of the Hebrew Exodus. It is necessary to be confronted by the truth of the “Thou shalts, Thou shalt nots,” and thereby to see the unholiness of our apparent separation, the utter death in our wandering, in light of the holiness of God. Then, by grace, in a state of deep need, we may turn.

We must camp awhile in the desert until our resources are depleted, and our divining rods lead to the bottomless lake of love from God’s well of the True Self, the Kingdom within, the water poured into us by the merciful One with hands that look like ours, though pierced straight through.

This Jesus, with his wounded body, has bridged the gap between what we were created to be and what we have become. It is He who we find in the depth, His Face we see.

Finally face to Face, we are fully known and forgiven. Then Love begins our transformation into the person we were made to be in Christ.

Authentic personhood found in divine relationship. This is the deep and universal treasure.

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