In Gratitude

I woke this morning and drew a breath of clean, sustaining air, stood on legs that held me securely on a floor that I did not build. With eyes that still can see, I made my way down stairs with balance enough to keep from falling. I was greeted by a little dog wagging with joy to be alive, knowing no other way to be, and happy to see me. The melodies of waking birds awoke my ears, and I was able to step outside and feel cool ran drops on my skin. I have the comfort to know my family is safe and protected, as I sit in silence to read and pray. I am relatively free from pain, and I can look at life with a radiant hope because the light of God has risen in my heart, and darkness has not overcome it. I can rise, live this day, and lie down to sleep at night knowing that I am eternally loved and free, and nothing can change that. I have a purpose and a calling that is greater than my weakness and mistakes. I’m forgiven, embraced, and empowered. Pondering all of this brings me to my knees with humility and gratitude for nothing that I have done or have deserved, but for what has been done unto me in compassion, mercy and generosity. A heart so full has no choice but to sing.

2012-03-23 18.32.16

6 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. Reblogged this on Walking on Broken Glass and commented:
    I am amazed at how my Touchstone in Medicine can put words to my feelings. I felt exactly the same way when I wok up this morning; joy in my heart and spirit. I ran powered by words from a very heroic friend who has guided my running and soul at times. Such gifts I don’t deserve for which I am grateful.

  2. Had to reblog this one because these words speak volumes to my heart and spirit. Thank-you for your inspiration.

  3. I love this so much and I used those you tweeted on 24th May,2017 ..”Today, I’m hoping for greater……to continue your journey of “In gratitude.” above and complete the whole process of your beautiful & factual thoughts of life. This was how I usually deciphered the thoughts of my Theologian in our face book for almost 10 over solid months together. All my answers to his aphorisms (short./long) have been nicely tagged into his timeline. What I have shared over from your timeline have been nicely deciphered and privately kept in my timeline for my references and reflections. TQ God bless Dr Daniel!

    25th May, 2017

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