Message in a Bottle

On a deep blue day I will swim to you,
bob like a bottle in the wave top spray
so you’ll be sure to spot me floating by–
so you’ll reach and take the message I’ve kept
sealed and safe for such a deep blue you day,
deep blue you-me day:
“Even if your day is blue,
I’ll be there to share it, too,
holding tightly to your hand,
showing you I understand.
And if your head is hanging low,
I’ll stoop lower, so you’ll know
a face familiar, kind and true,
will always wear a smile for you.
So, if you can’t recall my name,
I will love you, just the same.
And in the mirror of my heart,
reflect, for you, your finest part.”
On a deep blue day, I will swim to you.

2017-03-22 05.51.11