What Will It Be?

We come with outstretched arms, open hands.

“Christmas gift!” we exclaim, eager to be the first to receive. Surely He knows what we want.

No one needs a present more than we do. After all, we have done without for so long in these troubled times. “Good people are hard to find” we said, and pulled the pay raise from our empty pockets. In lieu of raiding college money, we borrowed on collateral of faith. Funds flew with the winds, it seemed, as loved ones transitioned into long term care facilities. And championed causes languished for lack of donations.

Relationships suffered from taxing schedules, poor communication, harbored hurts. Loved ones’ lives, it seemed, were snatched from our clutching hands. Bad news came at the doctor’s office or hospital, and we didn’t have the strength to handle it. Betrayal bruised our egos, wounded our hearts. Clouding of minds made us wander, looking for home, for things familiar; for someone to care, for someone who remembered. Faith placed squarely in ideals, institutions, even trusted comrades fell to pieces, causing us to shrink backwards into our holes.

And in the dark place of our isolation, we couldn’t find God.

So now we come with outstretched arms, open hands, shouting “Christmas gift!” at first light. We come to Him, to his place, in our need. What will it be? Money? Restored relationships? A new job? Mental, physical, emotional healing? Guidance out of the dark? Restored self-confidence? A fresh infusion of faith?

And then we feel. We smell. We squint to see. We hear its cooing. It is a Babe.

Wonder and warmth awaken the heart of us. Linen cloth enwraps our wounds. A Star lights our center and shines all around. We know who we are, whose we are, and who stands near. And in the touching, time is stilled. Hope is stirred. Spirits sing with angels in the sky, and we dance with Papa, and Mama, and little baby. And the animals around us know it too….

We have been healed for Christmas.

Thanks be to God for the unspeakable gift.

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