I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for tails that wag for no apparent reason, pumpkin pies and Kool Whip, star – set sky before first light, old people who can still sing; I’m thankful for the first cup of morning coffee, soft candle light in dark rooms, symphonies of color in slow motion sunsets, the sharing of stories, and those who know how to mindfully listen; I’m thankful for rocky trails and majestic canopies, clean crisp air, early morning quiet times, printed words on pages; I’m thankful for art, music, movement, drama, and those who’ve become one with their craft; I’m thankful for athletes who are poetry in motion, scientists who seek answers, sages who seem tethered to the truth; I’m thankful for sight, hearing, touch, taste, and all means of interacting with the world; I’m thankful for churches and cemeteries, libraries and museums, stadiums and shacks, glassy lakes and swamp bottoms; I’m thankful for elders who have found their evergreen and youth who have touched their ancient souls; I’m thankful for voices in choirs that have become one instrument, for the rumbling bass of organ pipes, for light through stained glass and steeples rising above towns, for friends who harmonize; I’m thankful for those who take their timbers to build bridges instead of walls, those who kneel with ones who kneel and rise with ones who rise, those who become the change they want to see, those with passion for a true cause, those whose inner “yes” is louder that any outer “no,” those who quietly and steadfastly place one foot in front of the other on the path that seems right to them, those who fan the flames of the spirit wherever they are perceived, rather than dousing them; I’m thankful for all who walk in the open fields of mercy, those who have known such love that they can risk loving, too, those who are brave enough to have compassion on themselves as well as others, those who have found the gift of connection with themselves, with others, and with God, those who remember ones who have forgotten themselves; I’m thankful for those in prisons, halfway houses and hospitals that can still sing and pray, and those that sing and pray with them; I’m thankful for the addicts who are sober and those who want to be, for the healers and would-be-healers, for the self-givers and the feeders, for the home-builders and the ministers, for the teachers and the life-long learners, for the humble leaders and the caregivers, for the powerful who know the strength of gratitude, for the red and black words on bible pages that echo in dark nights of the soul; I’m thankful for fireplaces and rocking chairs, for blessings and reminiscence, for old pictures and family stories, for the way light looks next to shadows or behind leaves or bending through beveled glass, for hardwood grains and branches on a blue sky; I’m thankful for little girls who love their Dads and wives who love their husbands, for families who forgive and forbear, for friends who hold up mirrors to remind you who you are, for those who always see the true self and lead you back there when you’re lost, for the 23rd Psalm and the Beatitudes; I’m thankful for times when letting go leads to new beginnings, for beauty and life and water in dead places, for the hope that lies inherent; and most of all, I’m thankful for the Love that makes all darkness light, that leaves a place for me when I’ve shut myself away, that makes all of us one at the center of our being, that is always there to hold and make us safe, that ever looks at us with kind eyes and gentle smiles, that will never leave us lonely or forgotten, that wipes every tear and lightens every load, that keeps us at peace until we finally find our way home.

2 thoughts on “I’m Thankful

  1. Just totally beautiful! I will share this with my seminary class this week post Thanksgiving as I share many words that you have written. Such a gift to us all.

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