There are some things you just know. 

Or you think you know them. But part of you 

doubts that they are true. You want them to be. 

Because they are good things. Right things. 

Kind and loving things. Bathed in light from 

Somewhere else. They make your tuning fork

vibrate in a way that feels like Life. They look

beautiful to the eye of your soul. Like home looks 

to the one who’s been lost. You feel as if 

you’ve been there before. With someone you love.

Then, in your doubting, you wander into another.

Or you read their words or see their actions or see 

your self mirrored in their face. In that moment,

you know some of the truth of their lives.

Which is some truth of your life, too. Then 

you understand. There are some things.

You. Just. Know.

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