Old Life, New

May we see much remaining

where the world says, “all is gone,”

beauty in the unaccounted,

breath-stopping sunrises in cloudy-eyed mornings,

clear young life stretching still

down overgrown paths of the old,

dancing shoes at rockers’ feet,

fresh ink signatures of grace

on tear-stained pages of the past,

color splashing from wells we thought had gone dry –

and know that life’s imparted gift

cannot any wise be made less

than undeniable, incomprehensible,

illimitable life.


(For #caregivers, those with #dementia and #alzheimers and all who love their #elders)
(Art created by a person with Alzheimer’s disease participating in the “Bringing Art to Life” program from Cognitive Dynamics Foundation and the University of Alabama Honors College)

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