The Unlatched Door

I made it to the manger all alone

as winter wind turned “water like a stone.”

The ones who came and worshiped there before

had thought to leave, unlatched, the stable door.


For time my heart had doubted I could come

as darkness dared this path to overcome.

But then within my center shone a star

to light the way to where the blessed are.


Still doubting my own worth to enter in

this safe-room from the howling gales of sin,

I stood without and focused on the glow

of Love light ’luminating o’er the snow.


And then a gentle nudging on the door

by other beasts, their brother to implore,

shed Light of Light upon this very one

who’d wondered if he’d ever see the Son.


When, timidly, I stepped toward the place

a weary world would first encounter Grace,

I so was drawn in mystery to see

a spot beside His bed was saved for me.


And as I knelt, wrapped in the misty shroud

of creature breaths (an all-adoring cloud),

the wind of winter death at once was stilled;

a stony cistern in myself was filled.


For those whose journey seems to them so far

I, too, in leaving left the door ajar.

A night will never be so dark, so cold

to chill the warmth of welcome to His fold.

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