Night and Day

Night lay stiff in soul-snapping cold,

thought dared not venture aloud.

Hope and health, a promise of old,

slept in a burial shroud.


Light of Light, the Son and His star,

shone from a hearth in the hay.

Life, ablaze in Love from afar,

warmed with eternity’s day.

Thanksgiving, 2012

My spirit, a russet leaf of oak

swirls to November’s windy wand,

swept along in a homeward spell.


Brushing by the old ones

I am green again, though briefly so.

For we all change hues in autumn’s breeze.


And the heat of held hands

and thankful hearts

has cut away the cold.


Filling ourselves with the gravy of good,

we laugh again at dinnertime

and for dessert we cry.


True colors show

around the table

in the fall of the year.

“Now Thank We All, Our God,”

for times of turning.