Moments Matter

Moments matter, supremely.

As I think about this, I see that the times of deepest clarity of purpose, connection, truth, meaning and transcendence in my life have been moments…brief occasions where the veil between earth and Heaven has grown thin…when the barriers to spiritual communion between other people and me have been breached…when my full presence has harmonized with Presence itself so that I have been lifted to another realm where time is not counted by human means, but seems to be boundless…where nothing needs defending and everything is vast and open and safe…where all is truth and light and good and praise and peace, and prayer is the language for that time, the description of that time that can’t be described.

To think of this mystery makes the tears fall and simultaneously wells the joy up inside. Nature, music, words and art, deep connection with others, prayer, great sorrow or suffering followed by comforting love, and the experience of being at the end of my rope and sensing mercy’s hand unconditionally extended to me forever have made those moments real in my life. I am very grateful for them.

Somehow, I believe those moments live on and on, and are life itself. #momentsmatter

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