I make no claim to having all the answers, or even most of them. But I do spend a lot of time pondering – even more, with age. It seems the great teacher called life has been working overtime for the past few years; at least, in my own experience. So I thought I would share some things I’ve come to realize. These may not be true for you, and I respect that.
I’ve come to realize that –
–I control nothing, God controls everything, and God is Love; so things will work out the way they are supposed to.
–life is what it is; what happens happens; then things usually get better.
–I can survive just about anything if I can remember a song to sing.
–the truth is always broader, more inclusive, more compassionate, more loving and more beautiful than I can get my small mind around.
–wrinkles and wounds are life’s loveliest adornments.
–true maturity requires transcending the small and constrained world of the ego (self) and embracing the large and expansive world of God (true self).
–suffering transforms me if I bring it to God and destroys me if I try to bear it alone.
–the great essential truth of life seems to be the personal acknowledgement that I need help, the courage to ask for it, and the grace to receive it.
–empathy is the most powerful effector of positive culture change, and its cultivation is society’s most important educational task. I need to strive for ever-increasing amounts of it every day of my life.
–if I ever get so high up that I can’t bow down, I have a serious problem.
–the two most important gifts I can give myself are compassion and forgiveness.
–love suffers and grows, or it isn’t love at all. Everything else just suffers and dies. Love lives on.
–sometimes fighting the good fight means knowing how and when to surrender gracefully.
–in my quest for perfection, I often left authenticity behind. What I needed to do was to embrace my imperfection and be myself, understanding that God loves and approves of the real me, and the real me is good.
–moments matter more than epochs.
–eternity is going to be an extension of the finest moments of selfless love, compassion, empathy, beauty, and creativity to infinitely unimagined heights.
–the good deeds I do here on earth that are in line with the will of God are going to live into eternity.
–much of what I thought love required was fallacy.
–detachment from anything the ego desires is one of the hardest tasks of life.
–the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ, together with the resulting defeat of sin and death, has saved the universe from itself, and me with it.
–to be a real person I have to bring my shadow side into the light, name it, forgive it, embrace it, and let God transform it.
–to be in real relationship with others I have to be willing to be vulnerable myself.
–truly listening is the greatest gift of healing I can give another person.
–I should travel and experience other societies and cultures as often as I can.
–I have to spend time in the solitude and serenity of nature to experience health in any sense.
–I have to meditate, be silent, and pray daily, or I will experience inner death.
–for anything to be right on the outside, I have to be right on the inside.
–I must not exhibit reactivity to the negative energy and emotions of others.
–I should spend more time around old people and small children.
–I should laugh a lot more often than I worry, being sure to laugh at myself.
–I should never pass up the opportunity to watch a sunset.
–I must refrain from passing judgment on anyone.
–if I express gratitude in all circumstances, I will likely be in right relationship with God and with others.
–If I remain conscious of God at all times and keep a humble attitude, I will continue to be able do the next right thing.
–I should try and see others, and myself, as God sees us.
–God can be found in every moment of life, if I will remain present and conscious.
–ultimately, I have been given the freedom to choose life, or to choose death, in a spiritual sense. I pray for the grace to continually choose life.

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