My child.  My beloved one.

Do not fear.  I am with you, always, now.

Come here to My unending Love.

Nothing can touch you.  Nothing will harm you.

My arms enfold your whole being and your world.

Bear your wounds to My anointing hands.

I have healed them eternally in My Love.

I am ever with you, ever in you, ever through you.

My streaming Love light pushes darkness away.

All that you are I have Loved and made new.

Bathe your weak and hurting parts in My compassion.

It flows out forever toward the pain you feel.

I will not leave you here, in this place.

But I will take you out and lift you,

sing to you of peace, and joy, and Heaven.

Be still, be silent, let Me strongly hold you, comfort you.

Know that I do feel what you have felt.  Trust this.

Your wound is transformed in the glory of My rising Life.

Let my Love be lifted up in you.


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