Soul Fire

Soul fire, life’s inextinguishable flame of the true self, burns throughout eternity with God-imparted energy.  It warms the world with beauty and love; it sings and paints and dances and prays.  Seeking energy in others and burning more brightly in relationship, it imparts but never gives out. It is fire of the divine spirit infused through flesh, and no frailty or affliction can douse it.  Pure love is its infinite source.

It blazes with the colors of God.  These same colors are seen in the wonders of our world: sunsets’ glow, tender green of spring, ashen gray of clouds, vibrant hues of gardens, dark patterns in the grain of woods.

“The Unseen Hand” paints from the reservoir of Heaven.

We must learn to feel this fire, to see these shades in others, to know them as eternal souls with cores of unfathomable elemental riches.  Seeing their true selves, we must celebrate life in them, with them.

And if flesh or mind should fail, we must affirm the light within, seeking to spread its warmth and glow through deepened relationship.  We must lift the torch of personhood for all.

Life should be a celebration of the fire which burns in and through us and those we love, even through the grandeur of creation. Gratitude is given to God for personhood and kinship, and for the immeasurable gift of this world through which we may behold, even today, the creative mastermind at work.